Challenges and Solutions for Staying Sober

Whether you’re considering entering a treatment program or are already enrolled in one, fear is a normal part of addiction. When enmeshed in addiction, drugs or alcohol can become the sole source of happiness in life. Thinking about recovery can be frightening because you might feel that without substances, your life will be sucked of all joy and left in pallid shades of gray. Considering a life of boredom and unhappiness is enough to deter the hardiest soul from giving sobriety a shot. Sober living housing is an excellent protective measure that can provide a substance-free living space during the early months of addiction recovery. Those housemates also provide some newfound sober friendships, which can help stave off loneliness in early recovery.

Suddenly, minor issues didn’t seem so explosive. I have learned so many valuable lessons about powerlessness and understanding how to accept things precisely as they are throughout my sobriety. This has cultivated a much less stressful life.

Tips that Help You Stay Sober

You will have strong days when you feel like you can take on the world. And you will have days when every minute feels like a struggle. Being at a party or trying to find the perfect romantic partner without alcohol is the stuff of nightmares for many people.

Overcoming the Fear of Always Being Sober

The relationships in my life began to blossom and deepen. I finally started to become the daughter, mother, sister, and friend I was created to be. Let me tell you this, never could I have ever imagined I’d be living the beautiful life I am living today. I am so incredibly grateful that I did succeed in putting in the work to stay sober. This is one of the greatest fears most people have when considering getting sober. It would be fair to say that many alcoholics and addicts love the desired effects of not feeling anything when we are getting high.

#4. “I am afraid to actually feel my feelings.”

These people know that the days are hard right now, but they endure because they also know that, eventually, they will come out on top. They don’t know when or how, but they trust that it will happen. In the meantime, they do what they must to survive the day.

  • You may want to write down a list of fears in recovery.
  • It can be scary to let go of what you perceive to be your identity, but it is a step you must take in order to live a better life.
  • Your addiction rehab team will always endeavor to treat you with respect and without judgment.

These are personal feelings, not necessarily those within the organization. The first thing is that sobriety can be a really hard thing to face for a lot of addicts. There’s the chance that they might not make it through it, they could fail, and then there’s the pressure to succeed.

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There’s a fear of a life without the ability to ever drink or take drugs again. Staying sober means staying clean, and that alone can be a scary thought for many addicts and fear of being sober alcoholics. After abusing drugs or alcohol for so long, the term “addict” can become seared into your consciousness to the point that it becomes your primary identity.

Overcoming the Fear of Always Being Sober


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